The laying of floors

Skill and experience from design to polishing



Smoothing and polishing

One of our most appreciated specialties



Restoration of prestigious floors and mosaics

Precious surfaces, mosaics and Venetian Terrazzo floors



Treatment of terracotta flooring

Full surface treatment



Special Treatments

Anti-stain oil/water repellent



Treatment, restoration and polishing of marble, granite and tiled floors

over 50 years of experience on professional floor treatments

About us

Your floor might be a valuable asset and of fine workmanship and yet, it is routinely trampled on and over time it loses its natural quality and original charm.

What we do

The professional experience gained in the years has allowed us to develop an operation  programme, finishing, maintenance and protection that takes into consideration the characteristics and details of each surface be it a gloss or an opaque finish.


We are at your disposal for any request or information, or for an assessment to verify the condition of your flooring and decide on a process best suited to your needs.

Our works

Some of our recent work…